Accommodation Recognition Payments (ARP) misuse and abuse.

If you suspect that you are being told to make payments that are fraudulent in relation to accommodation then please contact the following.

By email.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By phone.

0818 927999

The national multi subject test (NMT) is a form of entrance test for a bachelor's degree for higher education in Ukraine that was introduced introduced in 2022; together with the masters comprehensive test (MCT) and the masters test of academic competence (MTNC). Due to the full scale Russian invasion of Ukraine it is designed to temporarily replace the traditional entrance exams in the EIT format in 2022 to 2024.

NMT is an online computer test that will consist of three blocks.

1. Ukrainian language.

2. Mathematics.

3. The History of Ukraine

The test will contain 20 tasks from each block which will need to be completed in 120 minutes.

In 2024 testing will take place in two sessions the main one will be May 14th to June the 25th with an additional testing July the 11th to the 19th the main stage of registration of persons to participate in the main NMT sessions will last from March the 14th to April the 11th inclusive

Please register here

Comprehensive assistance in passing NMT by Ukrainian students.

Ukrainian students that arrived to Ireland most likely did not speak English at the level of fluency for appropriate inclusion in the learning process and/or did not complete the full leaving cert course of two years. They did not have the opportunity to choose the subjects necessary for admission to university for several reasons including a lack of understanding of the country's education system and a lack of places in the class in the chosen subject

Desired state support from the government of Ireland

Assistance in obtaining permission to be absent from state provided accommodation and timely clarification of possible financial support for Ukrainian applicants who plan to continue their studies in Ireland.

Привіт усім

Ми Центр Підтримки Іммігрантів Клер будемо у вашому центрі:

 Дата: 27/03/2024

Час: 13.30 - 15.00 

Якщо вам потрібна допомога/порада чи будь які питання щодо життя в Ірландіі, приходьте до нас.


Валентина та Наталя

Клеар центр підтримки іммігрантів

085 267 12 79 - Наталя


Hello everyone,

We Clare Immigrant Support Centre will be at your accommodation on.

 Date: 27/03/2024

Time: 13:30 to 15:00 hours

 If you need help/ advice or information regarding living in Ireland, please come and see us

 Thank you

Valentina and Natalya

Clare Immigrant Support Centre

085 267 12 79 - Natalya




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