Message from Department of the Taoiseach

Following extensive discussions, the government has decided to bring Ireland more into line with other European countries in how we assist those fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Ireland has welcomed more than 101,200 arrivals from Ukraine with 74,500 people currently living in State accommodation, and 57,000 in fully serviced accommodation. Many of these receive further financial assistance. More than 16,000 are currently in employment.

Under the revised approach, newly arriving Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection from Ukraine who seek State accommodation will be provided with accommodation for a maximum of 90 days, during which time they will also receive reduced social protection payments.

These changes are required to ensure that Ireland can continue to meet its obligations to help Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection, given the impact on available accommodation, and assuming that Ireland continues to welcome around 500 arrivals weekly.

An analysis of financial assistance and accommodation conducted by the Department of Integration shows that Ireland’s offering is set at a higher level than most other Member States. Ireland is now hosting 2.3% of all Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection in the EU and the European Economic Area, and there is evidence of secondary movement to Ireland from other countries.

Arrival Centres for newly arrived Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection will be larger sites offering meals and laundry, health assistance, and a programme of activities for children and young people. The Centres will also provide information on entitlements and accommodation to help arrivals to find their own independent accommodation and to integrate with local communities.

Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection will be entitled to a weekly allowance of €38.80 per adult and €29.80 per child in respect of daily expenses, so long as they remain in an Arrival Centre.

This accommodation will be available per person for a maximum of 90 days, after which Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection will be required to source their own accommodation or avail of pledged accommodation. No state-supported accommodation will be provided after the 90 days elapses, other than the supports provided through the Offer a Home or pledged accommodation schemes.

When they leave the Arrival Centre accommodation, Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection will be entitled to apply for standard social protection assistance, subject to meeting the standard eligibility conditions.

Work is underway to source a given limited capacity of suitable arrival centre accommodation.

Those opting to make independent arrangements or opt for pledged accommodation on arrival will be entitled to apply for standard social protection, subject to meeting the standard eligibility conditions.

Those who are most medically vulnerable will continue to be prioritised for State accommodation.

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These changes will come into effect early in 2024. There will be no change for those currently in State accommodation. However, Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection are advised that State accommodation is by its nature short-term.

These changes will be communicated through various channels to ensure that Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection who are considering travelling to Ireland are fully aware of the level of assistance being offered, and the need to find accommodation after 90 days.

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