22 December 2020

Notice 6 | Minister announces further temporary extension of immigration permissions and the closure of the Burgh Quay Registration Office from the 23 December 2020

This notice applies to Immigration and International Protection permissions to reside in the State that are due to expire between 21st January 2021 and 20th April 2021 and supplements all previous extension notices. This is the sixth, and expected to be the final, extension of permissions implemented since the outset of the pandemic.

Latest updates and developments in respect to Employment Permits

8 December 2020

Important notice regarding the printing of employment permits

In advance of reading this notice please be assured that the contingency arrangements (link at bottom of notice) introduced by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment back in March 2020 will continue in full for the foreseeable future and the Department will continue to issue the electronic version of the employment permit to employees/employers/agents. There is no change to this current process.  

01 December 2020

From 02 December 2020, customers renewing their Immigration Registration Permission will no longer need to submit their passport to have an immigration stamp attached by their Registration Office. 

This applies to renewals made in the Burgh Quay Registration Office in Dublin and renewals made in local Registration Offices at Garda Stations nationwide.

Full details about these changes are available in the two documents below.

Immigration Registration Permission Renewal: Update to procedure

Immigration Permission Renewal with online passport submission FAQs

  • Pandemic requires the temporary suspension of in person citizenship ceremonies
  • Applicants will instead sign an affidavit declaring loyalty to the State and be issued with their certificate of naturalisation
  • eTax-clearance and eVetting to be introduced for citizenship applicants as part of Minister McEntee’s digital reform agenda to modernise the Justice Sector

Renewal of Temporary Residence Certificate

Who is entitled to a Temporary Residence Certificate (TRC)?

Any applicant who is currently in the International Protection process and is complying with the process is entitled to receive a TRC.

TRC will not be issued to anyone who;

  • Has yet to complete their Section 15 interview.
  • Has been invited to complete their Section 15 or Section 35 interview and has failed to turn up.
  • Has yet to return their questionnaire (applicants who have been granted extensions will be issued a card until their extension date)
  • Has evaded transfer under the Dublin process or evaded a deportation order.
  • Has received International Protection from another European Union Member State (Inadmissible applicants).

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