Clare Refugee Resettlement Project 2016/2017

In June 2016 Clare Immigrant Support Centre (CISC) was awarded the 12 month tender by Clare County Council to work on the resettlement of 18 Syrian Programme Refugee families to 3 sites in Clare as part of the Irish Refugee Protection Programme and Resettlement strategy. A Programme Refugee is the name given participants in Refugee Resettlement, which is a term used to describe the selection and transfer of refugees from a country of asylum to a third country which has agreed to admit them and in which refugees can permanently settle.

The main objectives of the work has been to support the reception and integration of 90 + Syrian refugees resettling  in Clare. In practical terms this is supporting refugees on a daily basis in accessingand engaging with services appropriately and effectively to do with all aspects of their lives. Another focus is on building the capacity of the programme refugees and  the communities in which they live as the adjust and adapt to their new life circumstance in Clare.

At the conclusion of the 12 months in June 2017 Clare County Council retained Clare Immigrant Support Centre in a limited capacity to continue to work with the families for June and July 2017.

In August 2017 CISC was awarded the 8 month tender from Clare County Council to continue the resettlement work with the families until March 2018.  This project is co-financed by the European Commission under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund  2014-20129 and is supported by the Department of Justice and Equality.

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